We pride ourselves in providing top notch drum education for our students. We ensure that lessons are always engaging and interactive, so that students would always be able to participate and show off their creativity! We want to inspire and bring out the drummer in you!


To give everyone the opportunity to be the drummer they want to be through inspiration and top notch pedagogy.



To create a family of drummers from all over the world who practice, grow and encourage other to achieve their drumming aspirations.




What Makes Us Different?

Result Oriented

We care about your progress and always find solutions to solve what you are having difficulty at. No shortcuts, we care about the learning process too!

High Quality Lessons

We pride ourselves on having fun, engaging and interactive lessons that and still provide results. NEVER hate a music lesson again. We want to make this drum education a memorable experience for you!

WEEKLY Online Practice Sessions

We want to make practicing drums a habit and lifestyle for you. We have weekly sessions as a drumming family, and we would work on different topics!

Always Evolving

We are agile and creative and are always evolving to make sure that our students get the best education and experience possible. We are always coming up with new ideas to make your lesson experience better!

Drum Sticks


Cashew Heights Condominium, Bukit Panjang

Our studio consists of a full drum set, but has been modified to keep it low volume so as not to hurt your hearing and disturb the neighbourhood!


Thank you for taking the time to view our drum lessons. I really believe that the education we provide is of high quality and the smile that we see on our student's faces drives me to do better the next week. The feedback that we have been receiving from our students are always positive. However, we do not rest on our laurels, but always strive to do better!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to a free lesson with me, so that I can meet you and evaluate if drumming is for you, and if you are happy with my style of teaching!

If you would give me the opportunity to inspire you to play this instrument, I would not take it for granted.

Hope to work together with you!

Benjamin Lam, Founder

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From our Students

Benjamin is a very patient and encouraging drum teacher. He is able to break down the lessons into a very clear and simple stages for drum beginners to learn. I am able to enjoy and play to the basic of drums in just a few lessons. He makes every lesson fun and productive even though it is just 30minutes. I highly recommend Benjamin to both adults and children who are keen to learn how to play the drums!

Joshua Law

My son has been taking drum lessons with teacher Benjamin for 1 year plus. He is patient and encouraging towards his student. We are especially pleased that he has taught my son how to play many Christian Song. Highly recommended and trusted teacher.

Mrs Wong and Xavier

Ben is super awesome. Tried working with several teachers before and although the learning curve was stepper, my fundamentals need work. Ben managed to get my basics up to shape and I'm looking forward to see how far he can take me.


When our son Nathan first showed interest in rhythm, we tried to find a teacher who could teach him drums, but it was difficult. Most drum schools only take students who are 5 and above....
But Teacher Ben was different right from the start. He just said it was possible and .... gave Nathan a gift that many teachers / music schools couldn’t.
Teacher Ben is kind and patient but yet firm. Our son is an active boy .... but Ben manages to keep him interested and focused... we feel that Ben has empowered Nathan with this belief and we see Nathan trying different drum beats to any songs we play during family worship time ....
Nathan loves Ben’s lessons and looks forward to it weekly. We too, are thankful that we found someone who believes in our child and is committed to help him grow as a drummer.

Cheryl and Nathan



We are always happy to help! If you'd prefer online lessons over ZOOM instead, you can check the online lessons button instead or read up more on our online lessons HERE!

Piano Lessons are located at Bukit Panjang or Jurong East


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