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Your all-in-one online drum school

We have set out bold ambitions to be the top of the line online drum school that supports your drum education! We offer a top notch quality education and truly care about your progress as a drummer.

If you join our drumming family you'll get:

  1. 1-to-1 Lessons

  2. Weekly Practice Sessions

  3. Drumming Community

  4. Masterclasses from drummers all over the world

  5. And many more to come in the future!

We truly support our students and take your learning seriously. If you join us as our students we will make sure that your progress is our responsibility.



We are proud that our students enjoy our lessons as they are fun, engaging and interactive. Many of them start to see improvements in their drumming from as early as the first lesson.

We have also been providing high quality education to institutions, such Government schools and Private schools.

We have continued to develop and improve our lessons to ensure that our pedagogy is top notch and relevant.

We also hold FREE weekly online practice sessions where everyone comes together to practice, which supplements your online drum lessons. This means that you have a community to grow together with you!



  • Beginners (lessons are beginner friendly)

  • Drummers who want to get better

  • Individuals who want to pick up a new skill

  • Drummers who want to learn from their own home



  • Basic drum groove​

  • Drum groove variations

  • Basic fills

  • Drum rudiments

  • Rudiment applications on the kit

  • Possibly a song for fast learners!

Weekly Practice Sessions

Practice together with a drumming community ONLINE!

These weekly online practice session gives drummers a community to grow and improve! You will have access to other many like minded drummers and watch each other get better together.

Online practice sessions are held on Wednesdays, 730pm SGT.

If you are not our student but would like to join us for your online practice session, you can register your interest by checking the online practice session box in the registration section! You can join for FREE to evaluate before committing a small monthly fee to continue the practice sessions!



The truth is, I don't know and you probably would not know as well. However, if you have an interest in something, you should definitely give it a go!

To support you with this and to be in line with our passion for drum education, we will offer one FREE 1 to 1 CONSULTATION to anyone who has an interest in making this instrument a hobby. We would want to see if its possible to work together with your goals, and evaluate if online drum lessons are for you!

If you do not have drums, that is fine! It would be irresponsible for us to make any student commit to buying drums before even trying out. During the session, we will demonstrate how you can learn the drums without a drum set, and still play on the drums when see one! 

If you are interested, fill in the form below and we will contact you to arrange the FREE lesson!

Join us TODAY!


Our online drum lessons are affordable and cost less than in person lessons. 1 FREE Trial Lesson available.

Results Oriented Lessons

See improvements, even after the first lesson!


Weekly online practice sessions. Learn and grow as a community!


Learn from the comfort of your home. As long as you have internet connection, you can get the online drum lessons LIVE!

Watch Lesson Recordings

Watch up to 3 lesson recordings on Google Drive. Take your online drum lessons offline with you!


We get local and overseas drummers to expand your knowledge on drumming

Image by Michael Dobrinski


What our students say

Benjamin is a very patient and encouraging drum teacher. He is able to break down the lessons into a very clear and simple stages for drum beginners to learn. I am able to enjoy and play to the basic of drums in just a few lessons. He makes every lesson fun and productive even though it is just 30minutes. I highly recommend Benjamin to both adults and children who are keen to learn how to play the drums!


My son has been taking drum lessons with teacher Benjamin for 1 year plus. He is patient and encouraging towards his student. We are especially pleased that he has taught my son how to play many Christian Song. Highly recommended and trusted teacher.

Mrs Wong

Ben is super awesome. Tried working with several teachers before and although the learning curve was stepper, my fundamentals need work. Ben managed to get my basics up to shape and I'm looking forward to see how far he can take me.


When our son Nathan first showed interest in rhythm, we tried to find a teacher who could teach him drums, but it was difficult. Most drum schools only take students who are 5 and above....
But Teacher Ben was different right from the start. He just said it was possible and .... gave Nathan a gift that many teachers / music schools couldn’t.
Teacher Ben is kind and patient but yet firm. Our son is an active boy .... but Ben manages to keep him interested and focused... we feel that Ben has empowered Nathan with this belief and we see Nathan trying different drum beats to any songs we play during family worship time ....
Nathan loves Ben’s lessons and looks forward to it weekly. We too, are thankful that we found someone who believes in our child and is committed to help him grow as a drummer.

Cheryl & Nathan


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If you have further queries, message us below or contact us at 88952391

I don't have drums. Can I still learn?

Of course! You should try out drumming first before investing in the instrument. I got my first drum set 5 years after learning the drums, so it is definitely possible! We have students that have been learning with us for over 6 months and have not gotten a drum set yet, but the progress they had is huge!

Are lesson schedules flexible?

Yes! Lesson scheduling is flexible, as long as we have one lesson a week or at least 4 lessons a month. For less than 4 lessons a month, different fees apply.

What platform are the lessons held on?

The online drum lessons would be held on ZOOM.

Is there a catch for the trial lesson?

Absolutely not! The trial lesson is free. It is an opportunity for you to experience an online drum lesson and drumming together. Some people may find that online lessons are not for them and that is absolutely fine. But hey, you still had a free lesson!

Are lessons recorded?

Yes! You can view the past 3 recorded lessons for your revision and learning. Lesson recordings would be uploaded on Google Drive. Just let us know that you would like a recording and you can bring your online drum lessons online with you!

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