LIVE Practice Sessions

Practice and grow together with a community of drummers!

Looking for a group of likeminded and friendly drummers to practice with? Join our structured online practice sessions held by Benjamin Lam!

Practice Session Schedule

See what is planned for the month ahead

You would be able to view what we would cover during he practice session by the start of every month. This would give you something to look forward to, and prepare for the sessions!


Grow as a Community

Growing Together

Practicing alone may be mundane. We'll solve that problem for you!

What if you have a group of drummers, coming together on a weekly basis to work on the same things with you, struggle together and of course get better together? How cool is that?!

Practice Sheets 

Practice Sheets are available

We will provide practice sheets for most sessions. Fret not, you do not have to rush to scribble down notes as everything is available for you!

This would allow you to keep practicing throughout the week.

Everything is done for you, and all you have to do is to practice and get better!

We seriously care about your progress and want to see you get better!


Many new features would be included in time to come. Join us TODAY!



Every Wednesday
7.30pm SGT (GMT +8)
30-45 minutes
Lessons held on ZOOM



Helpful Information

This sounds good! How much does it cost?

For your first session it would free, but we are flexible about that. We just want you to be sure that you want to commit to improving yourself on the drums before moving forward! Don't worry it is just a very small sum on a monthly basis, and yes, VERY SMALL!

Do I get other perks?

Yes! As we use Patreon, there are different ties available for you. You can get my personal practice charts to early releases and interact directly with me!

You can check it out HERE!

Can I get 1 to 1 lessons?

1 to 1 lessons are available to anyone who wants to have more attention and work on drums in greater detail with me. You will be granted access to the online practice sessions at no additional cost!

You can check it out HERE!

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