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Our Lessons

Why our students choose us


Every Student is Different

As every student learns differently, we believe that the lesson structure and method has to be customised for each student. 

Our teachers are trained to understand and tweak the lessons so that the students are able to learn effectively, while enjoying the lesson!

Our Lessons

Bringing out Creativity

As music is an art, we believe that each child should have the ability to express their creative freedom on their instrument.

Our teachers would guide and mentor them to become avid musicians that would be more confident expressing themselves musically.


High Quality Education

At Horizon Music Academy, we believe in providing the highest quality music education to our students. 

Our educators are passionate and driven, wanting to bring out the best in every student!

As some students may find learning music challenging, we are always patiently by our student's side to ensure that they are able to break through boundaries and become the musicians they always want to be!

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