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Our Programs

Learning music with us would always be a fun and enjoyable experience. As we do not want our students to lose interest, we always make an effort to be engaging in different ways so that lessons would always be interactive!


Known to be the heartbeat of the band, our drum lessons would help you gain a better understanding of how the drums. 

Our lessons would guide you in an easy, step-by-step way, to be proficient that the drums. You will be rocking out to your favourite tunes in no time!

Christian Guitar Course

Always wanted to be able to serve in cell group or have your own worship sessions but never knew how to begin playing the guitar?

Join us in our Green course for beginners to start learning the guitar today!


The piano can be a fulfilling instrument if you learn it the right way.

Some may find it difficult, but with perseverance, the fruits of your labour can be rewarding!