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Finding A Music Teacher?

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0% Agency Fees

We do not charge you any agency fees or commissions. Our service is free for you!

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our teachers go through a stringent interview process. We do not want to recommend unqualified and inexperienced teacher.

Customer Centric

Your needs are of the utmost importance. We only match you with teachers that suit your criteria.

Fun Guaranteed

Learning music should be fun, and we ensure that our teachers are able to deliver quality education in a fun way!

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Want to start learning an instrument?

We can find the teacher that best suit your needs.

We are a group of music educators, matching you with music educators that suit your learning style.

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Why us?

Your criteria is top priority

We are a group of music educators, and we understand how students would like to learn, and the important factors which make and effective teacher-student learning relationship. We put this is our utmost priority.

If we are unable to find educator that suits your criteria, we will inform you that we are unable to service you, instead of giving you a teacher that does not suit your criteria.


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Are there any fees involved?

There will be no fees charged to you. The teacher would be charged a commission, typically 50% of first month fees. We would require your help to transfer the first 2 lesson's fees to us. After which, you can have your own payment arrangement with the teacher. Our administrators would contact you regarding payment.

What if I am unhappy with my teacher after the first class?

In the unlikely event that you are not comfortable learning with the teacher, please inform us and we will replace a teacher for you. However, you would still need to make a payment for the lessons completed as the teacher has already provided the service!

How much can I expect the fees to be?

It depends on each teacher. We do not set the prices for the teachers. Of course if you give a higher budget, we would be able to assign you a more experienced teacher!

I do not have an instrument. Can I learn at the teacher's place instead?

Yes, you can! Indicate in the form that you would prefer to learn at the teacher's place under the 'Location'.