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Learn the Ukulele in 4 Lessons!


Learn chords and how to strum the Ukulele in our beginner online lessons!

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Learn songs like Happy Birthday, Just The Way You Are and many more in just 4 lessons!

ONLY $119 for 4 sessions! 

Group discounts available

Program Features

High Quality Education

Our structured syllabus would help beginner ukulele players learn in a step-by-step way. The course notes are easy to follow and would help you learn the ukulele better!

Motivated Educators

Our educators are driven to see you succeed. Each student is important and our educators would put in the effort to make sure everyone understands the topics!

Conducive Environment

The structure of the lessons allow everyone to have some time to perform to the class. We also created the lessons in a way that everyone would be supportive of each other and progress together!




Happy Birthday
Just The Way You Are
I'm Yours
And Many More...

Strumming Patterns

Different strumming patterns to spice up your songs

Chord Change Exercises

Simple exercises to help students with chord changing

Chord Charts

Students will learn how to read the charts and the chord diagrams


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Course Details

Class Size

The class size will range from 4 to 10 students

Class Duration

This course consists of 4x 1 hour lessons

Dates and Time

Please go to the section below and check the schedule for the Kid's and Adult's Courses.

Course Fees

Single Pass - $119
Double Pass- $208


You may use any ukulele that you have, or purchase one from us at a special rate of $40 (U.P. $60) inclusive of delivery!

Contact Us

Send us a message at 88952391 or in the chatbox at the bottom of the page if you have any queries!

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Ukulele ONLINE!

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