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Join As a Music Teacher in Singapore

Start A Fulfilling Music Teaching Career

Looking to start your music teaching career, or build up your clientele? We can help you to get more students!

Why Choose Us?

Why partner with us to start or grow your music teaching career

Focus On Teaching

You will not have to think about marketing, starting a website, finding students. We will handle getting students for you, give you more music teaching jobs and all you have to do is to teach!

No Running Costs

You would only pay us a commission (2 lesson fees) when we have successfully matched you with a student. There is no monthly/annual fee to use our services.

Get More Students

We can help you to fill up your schedule, get your more music teacher jobs, which increases your income! All of these at only a one-time commission!

Teacher Satisfaction

We do our best to match students to whom you feel comfortable teaching, and match your rates as well. We want both the music teacher and student to be happy working together!

Why Should I Teach Privately?


Teaching by itself is a very rewarding career. You get to watch you students improve and be part of their musical journey.


Teaching can be a full time job, or a part time job. Even if you are a student, or currently hold a full time job, you can still have your music teaching jobs on your weekends or in the evenings. You are free to plan your own schedule!

Your own business

Your music students are your clients, and the more clients you have, the larger your music teaching business will grow! We will do our best to help you in this and assign you more music teaching jobs.

What We Look For


We are on the lookout for music teachers who are dedicated, motivated and willing to help students achieve their musical goals.


We believe that learning music should be a fun experience, making this one of our important criteria. It is important that music teacher embody this trait!


Students have different requirements, goals and learning style. Music teachers should be flexible and be able to adapt to each student's needs.


Before wanting to take on music teaching jobs, we believe that teachers would have to be skilled at your craft. Students want to be inspired and their first inspiration would be their teachers!

Music Teacher Job Application Form

We take a holistic apporach to our music teacher selection criteria.

Please get a scanned copy of your certificates or achievements ready as we may contact you for an interview.

Lesson Location (Multiple Selection)

Thanks for submitting!


Common Questions By Our Music Teachers

Is this service free?

This service is free until we match you with a suitable student. A commission would be payable to us (2 lesson fees) once you commence classes. After that, you can make payment arrangements with the parents directly.

How much can I expect to be paid?

This is solely up to you. You get to quote your own rates, but please be realistic as well! If you are unsure on how much your rates should be or if you are new, you can inform us and you can book a call with us for a consultation.

My schedule has changed, what should I do?

Please inform your consultants if there is a change in your schedule, so there will be no clashes with your personal calendar. However, we will usually confirm with you again, so please respond to us fast! This helps with the impression that you student gets too!

Can I continue to take my own private students?

Yes, you can still continue to take your own private music students. Music teachers are by no means bound to only taking our students. We can help you to supplement your available time slots by giving your more teaching jobs according to your schedule.

What information will I receive before taking on music teaching assignments?

You will receive basic student details, postal code - not full address, until accepted (if teaching at student's place), availability schedule, rates and current student's skill level. You will have the option to accept or reject the teaching job.

I only want to teach online - is this possible?

It is possible. Please indicate if this is your preferred mode of teaching so we will only assign you teaching jobs of students who prefer to have their lessons held online.

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