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Specialised KIDS Drumming Program

We are proud to have a program specially created for kids!

The lessons are FUN, ENGAGING and FUNNY as we simplify and break down this instrument for the younger ones!

Don't doubt your young ones, give them a chance to shine and see how far they can go!


Our KIDS Program

Engaged Kids Learn Better and Faster

We believe that the lessons has to always evolve and we include FUN components into each lesson so that they do not lose interest!

Lessons are always fun and drum lessons are usually highlights of our student's week!

Why Learn The Drums?

Learning the drums can be very rewarding, especially for young kids!

Limb Coordination

Helps with their motor skills and coordination between the limbs

Visible Results

Kids would be able to see their progress and are usually very motivated by it


Musicians tend to be disciplined due to the requirements of this art

Strong Rhythm

As the heartbeat, kids would start of with a strong sense of musical rhythm


Admissions and Query Form

Interested in joining our music academy and starting on your musical journey?

Whatsapp us to arrange a FREE trial lesson or for more information. We will get back to you within 1 working day!

Our home studio is located at Cashew Heights in Bukit Panjang


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